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Southwind Labrador Retrievers

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GRHRCH Gator Pt's Magnum Gentle Ben MH QAA x Gracie Litter Pictures

Litter whelped 12/13/2004, all dark chocolate pups doing great.  See updated pictures and comments.

Owner John Nitardy West Virgina

Sorry it took so long to get you some pictures... the puppy is doing great, as you can see from the bed shot he's already spoiled. He and our older dog (Bailey) are getting along just fine, Bailey laid down the rules early but has softened up the last couple day... Dillon has now taken over. Thanks again we are very happy, Dillon is going to be a great retriever.

Owners Floyd and Lisa Schanz Louisville KY

A buddy called me and told me he had a rich relative who had put out 40 acres of sunflower just for hunting dove. We have hunted it twice a week for two hours maximum, so the birds continue to come in. Lambeau went with us of course. I was nervous for her on how she would do with so many other hunters out there and other dogs also, she is only 9 months old.  She did great. You can still tell she is a pup because of her excitement when other hunters would come close, but she never jumped on anyone or did anything bad. This past weekend we shot 34 birds in two hours. She went and fetched all 34 birds. Actually, we probably didn't shot that many, but when she was going in the tall weeds and sunflowers looking for the birds, she brought us out everything she found.

Owner Jeff and Jane Gould BatonRouge LA

Gracie now weighs 41 pounds and growing quickly.  She loves going to the camp.  She also loves to retrieve in the water.  She never hesitated from day one to jump in the lake.